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What Does Siliki Stand For? 

Siliki is Yoruba for Silk. It is to make reference to Sarah Martins' Nigerian decent.


How Does Oil Help My Hair? 

Oil strengthens your hair and increases the elasticity of hair. This means that it's less prone to breakage. Oil conditions the hair strand and scalp to maintain its health and brings new life into dry and brittle hair. 


Can The Oils Be Used In Male Grooming?

Yes, our Raw Silk oil helps soften facial hair, reduce split ends, promotes growth and leaves one facial hair with a natural shine. 


Which Oil Is Right For Me?

Our Raw Silk Length Retention Oil is great fro softening the hair strand and sealing in moisture. It reduces split ends and gives hair more shine.


Our Silk Bloom Scalp Therapy Oil focuses on the hair police and promoting growth, reduces the possibility of hair loss and promotes thicker hair growth.


How Often Should I Use The Oils? 

1-2 times a week depending on your hair texture. 


Can The Oils Be Used On Coloured Hair?

Yes, it does not strip out any hair colouring. It is best used to condition hair and bringing back moisturisation.